Friday, July 25, 2008

"Jesus isn't always the "right" answer."

I can't keep this to myself. At times kids just say and do the funniest things. I am constantly told to write it down. I have not been great at doing that. Maybe the blog will help me.
Anyway, Logan is finishing up Vacation Bible School this week. Last night, I took him, which is always nice because it is about a 25 minute drive where we can talk. He was telling me all about what he likes and doesn't like about VBS. We are not big church goers. We have talked about religion and God in our house and we do answer questions to the best of our ability. So, last night Logan says to me on the way to VBS. "I never get the answers right to the questions." I asked him to explain. "We don't have a bible so I don't know the answers. I raise my hand, but Jesus is not always the answer."

In the context of the conversation, when this came out it was funny. Those of you that know Logan know that he loves to be first, he loves to be right and he loves to be recognized for doing both.

I told him that we do have a bible, but I think a children's bible would be better and I would get him one if he would like to learn more.

I can only imagine what things he is telling his teachers at VBS and what conclusion they are making about our family.

Have a great day and I hope that a child puts a smile on your face today!

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