Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation and kids

As I am less than 24 hours from my family going on vacation, I find myself excited and sad at the same time. This will be the first time since Logan was born that I truly do not have any responsibilities other than myself and work. I am looking forward to the time. The quiet will probably be too much, but I am looking foward to it. I am looking forward to sleeping through the night, lets hope that I don't have to go to the bathroom. However, I will miss Logan's stories of his day, watching Truman explore, and both of the sleep--quietly. I will miss Dave too, but it is not the same.
As I am preparing them to go on vacation I am thinking about all the times I took a vacation with my family. What I remember happening consistently is I was sick or would get sick. That must be the job of the child. This morning we took Truman to the Dr. as he has had a cough since Thursday. He has been wheezing and eyes watery. The dr. prescribed the breathing treatments every 4 hours for the next 2 days and then taper down to 6 until clear. She also gave him a steroid, which should be fun for Dave and all of the other passengers on the air plane. She suggested that Dave give him some benedryl also, to quiet him down. On top of having an antibiotic. Yep, it is just pay back for all the times I would get sick. I would get car sick on the way and usually have some sort of respiratory trouble everytime I traveled. Luckily, (knock on wood) neither of the boys get motion sickness. However Logan usually has the respiratory stuff and Truman is following suit. I just want them to have fun and for Dave to be able to relax. I know I will be.
As for what am I going to do with my time to keep me from missing my boys so much. First of all I plan to clean my house, including the carpets. It will atleast stay clean for one week. 2nd I want to paint our bedroom. I am hoping to get this done. If I don't at least the room will be clean. 3rd, I plan on filling my calendar with appointments and grow my business and 4th visiting my best friend in Salina with out any responsibilities.

I will miss my family but enjoy and be thankful for my "me"time.

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