Thursday, November 6, 2008


Wow, I had not realized how much I do not blog until I read my Dad's blog and my Aunt's. To my defense, I am not retired. Since my last entry much has changed in my household. The boys are 3 months older, school has started and Dave has changed jobs.

First about the boys, Logan is in the 2nd grade and doing well. His teacher stated that he is very smart and really excells at Math, Science and Social Studies. He is struggling with reading and writing, but he comprehends everything which is a great sign. She stated the obvious that he is very active and athletic. He is friends with everyone, doesn't pick on other and doesn't like others to be picked on. I am proud about that. He had a great football season. I am so amazed at how he understands the game so quickly. I still don't understand it. He is gearing up for more excitement as he is blessed with AWESOME Aunts that love to do things with him. His aunt that lives in Seattle got VIP passes to Disney Land and asked if Logan could come out to play. We were ready to let him fly as an unaccompanied minor, then his other Aunt offered to fly out with him. So he is leaving on Friday for a weekend at Disney Land. He has had a great year and it will end with Christmas. He has been working on earning a Wii play station for over a year and half. For each book that he reads to us, he earns a dollar towards a Wii, he will be about $50 away at Christmas time. He doesn't know it, but that will be a present from Dad and I. I am excited to see his face when he opens it.

Truman is also doing well. He goes to daycare across the street from our house. Again, we are blessed with great neighbors. I am not sure if this is my ego, but I am positive that Truman is the favorite at daycare. I am not real comfortable with the fact that she has favorites, but if she is going to, it might as well be Truman. He loves going over there too. I am just happy that he loves coming home at the end of the day. He is getting into everything, I mean everything. He pulls chairs to the counter tops and climbs onto them to get a cup for a drink or a snack. Last night he pulled a drawer out of the big file cabinet, causing it to fall over. I pushed him out of the way just in time. He gives me a heart attack daily. He is one busy boy, curious and active. No wonder I fall asleep so quickly at the end of the day. I am a little sad that we sold his crib, changing table and rocking chair this last weekend. It is a way of saying that my baby is growing up. He is liking the extra space in his room and wakes up most morning and immediately starts playing with his toys. Now lets hope that we will not need the crib again since it is sold. Which brings me to Dave. (still has not been checked to make sure that his "snip, snip, was successful)

Dave applied and recieved a new career witht he KBI. He is a special agent doing Polygraphs. It was a tough decision for him to make as he had been with the Sheriff office for over 12 years. He was concerned that he would not fit in, or be happy. He is happy to report that the grass is greener at the KBI. Many other agents have told him it is. They are very family oriented and supportive of each other. He started there on October 20th and has been going through their training ever since. He will complete it on December 19th. Truman and I went to witness his swearing in on his first day. His boss immediately took Truman to the snack machine and bought him some animal crackers. His immediate boss has 5 grandchildren and the director has 17. They do know what it is like to have young children. We are just happy to have a normal routine. Dave works 8-5 Monday - Friday. We have been enjoying our weekends.

Not much has changed with me. My business with Primerica is doing great as long as I am not out of town all the time with my State job. I was recognized in October for being the top producer for my level in the state of Kansas. It is always nice to be recognized for hard work done and get paid well for the work that you do.

Enjoy the latest family photo.

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Love hearing about your family. I'm sure Truman is the daycare favorite. How could he not be?